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Creating spreadsheets is a vital skill, it applies in most if not all fields, has a whole chapter on microsoft office 365:excel which I covered during the week. The chapter contains the following topics:

  1. Welcome to excel
  2. Rows and columns
  3. Cells
  4. Tables
  5. Charts
  6. Formulas and Functions
  7. Pivot tables
  8. Formatting
  9. Share and Coauthour

Each topic has it’s own subtopics broken down into;

Understand what excel is and how to navigate the software.

Learn how to manipulate rows and columns on a spreadsheet.Freezing is useful when presenting data.

Learn how to navigate the data cells in a spreadsheet,how to validate data during input in the data cells and more.

Learn how to present and manipulate data conclusions in a table.

Learn how to make charts using data given,this is a very important skill in understanding data and drawing conclusions.

Learn how to use mathematical formulas and conditional statements on data which is very helpful in understanding and analyzing data.

Learn how to analyze data and draw conclusions using pivot chart.

Conditional formatting of data is very important, helps the user to be able to analyze data using graphs using certain requirements, also learn shortcuts on how to save time while inputting such data on a table.

Learn how to explain digits in a worksheet using comments,how to navigate through several or overlaying comments on a spreadsheet.Another important part is how to use passwords to protect sensitive spreadsheets.

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