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Digital content is any information that is in form of digital data.During the COVID-19 pandemic most office documents as well as personal are now digitally contained in computer files.In the #codeforemployment platform I covered the subtopic collaborate and manage content digitally topics covered are:

In this content,we learn different types of office i.e office 365,office online and microsoft office software.We also learn how to use OneDrive which is a feature in office 365 and its importance.We also learn how to remotely share documents,edit,add comments in word documents and give replies to the comments.Another important digital skill you’ll acquire by the end of the content is how to create contacts groups and send messages to such.You’ll also learn how to navigate the Outlook calendar,create appointments and tasks as well as to-do lists.

After finishing this content you’ll be able to manage a lot of day-to-day tasks that are very important in the office or in a business.More so,you’ll be able to collaborate remotely with your colleagues or customers both via a smartphone , a desktop or any internet enabled device.

My progress log.

Microsoft digital literacy 2019 covered content

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