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Staying indoors is one of the major ways of reducing the spread of the CONVID-19 hence most meetings will be done through streaming.Recently John Legend held an online concert from his home which was great and serenading to say the least.Streaming is one of the main ways of holding events,business meetings,corporate meetings,classes e.t.c One of the free online platforms is Zoom which I will breakdown how I downloaded and installed using Ubuntu and a smartphone.

Downloading and installing Zoom.

Using ubuntu

  1. Get on their page
  2. Get to Resources -> Download Zoom Client ,here’s a link
  3. Choose the version depending on your platform of choice.

Sometimes you might have a challenge to install it especially the desktop version.One of the ways I handled that issue is downloading the needed dependencies to find information on that,the link is then downloaded Zoom again and installed successfully

Perks of using Zoom:

  • Screen sharing, content sharing, annotation, messaging, recording.
  • Webinars, demos, tutorials.
  • Group meetings, client meetings, multiple participants, personal meeting ID
  • Integrations, mobility.
  • Zoom Rooms.
zoom website

Using smartphone

Google Play store -> Zoom clouds meetings -> Click download -> sign up.

Some platforms that can be used to hold online meetings:

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